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  1. Borderless 10: The Race to the Bottom | Borderless

    On this week’s episode of Borderless, Greg, Dave, Ben, Christy and special guest Daniel Jalkut from Red Sweater Software, explore the race to the bottom, paying for apps, haters on Twitter, and more.

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  2. NodeUp #56: Walmart Labs


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  3. Unprofessional - Scott Simpson - What Does a Grown Man Look Like Naked?

    Comedian Scott Simpson joins Dave and Lex to talk about air travel, posthumous goodbyes, and how to form a successful partnership.

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  4. Anastasia Helicopter - Unprofessional - Mule Radio Syndicate

    Merlin Mann joins Dave and Lex to talk about Jimmy Carter and vocabulary words.


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  5. Technical Difficulties − 057 − Reinventing Yourself With Merlin Mann

    Gabe and Erik are joined by Merlin Mann to talk about starting over, what you really should be doing with your life, verbing, inventors, and emotional petshops.


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