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  1. Analog(ue) #9: My Shoes Are A Bit Dusty - Relay FM

    This week Myke tells Casey how and why he quit his (J-O-B) job.


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  2. Analog(ue) #8: Work-Life Tetris - Relay FM

    This week Casey and Myke are joined by Faith Korpi. They talk about how they manage their time for side projects and how to get your audience to pay attention to the new things you’re doing.


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  3. Analog(ue) #5: The Only Way Out Is Through - Relay FM

    On this episode Casey and Myke are joined by Stephen Hackett. They talk about what it’s like to share private family matters on the internet.


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  4. Analog(ue) #4: You’re Just Going to Cry for an Hour - Relay FM

    With the impending release of new Apple products, Casey and Myke talk about why they can’t help but buy the latest and greatest gadgets. They also talk about why justifications are made and how they reconcile these decisions with their loved ones.


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  5. Analog(ue) #3: White Whale Syndrome - Relay FM

    This week Casey and Myke tackle the idea of ‘identity’ online. They talk about what they believe makes them who they are, what they decide to show to the world and why they’re never quite satisfied with Twitter.


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  6. Analog(ue) #2: Unstimulated Time is Wasted Time - Relay FM

    This week Casey and Myke discuss if being tied to your phone in public situations makes you a bad person. They take a look at how they use their devices in public and whether evolving social norms are changing perceptions.


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  7. Analog(ue) #1: Putting It Into The Universe - Relay FM

    On the first episode of Analog(ue), Casey and Myke talk about what it’s like to release a new project in to the world. Conversation spans from the beginnings of Neutral, the launch of Relay.fm and Casey’s ongoing battle with the ATP Showbot.


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