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  1. Vector 38: Cord cutting | iMore

    Vector is Mobile Nations' cross-site, cross-platform analysis show where we talk about the hottest topics in the tech industry. On this week's episode Anthony Casella of Mobile Nations joins Rene to talk about cutting the cable and satellite cord, setting up an antenna, getting free over-the-air digital channels, using a home media center, and the pros and cons of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Aereo.

    Subscribe, listen along, and then tell us — are you cutting the cord? Why or why not?

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  2. Episode 15: Knowing Your Tools—Ethan Marcotte — The Nudge

    Ethan Marcotte is the man who brought the concept of responsive design to the web from the world of architecture.

    We would think that, in order to achieve such a feat, Ethan would have to know his tools inside and out just to begin to use them to manipulate the world around him.

    But is that the case? How much do we need to know about our tools in order to produce something remarkable?


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  3. Inboxes Zero: Merlin Mann on anxiety, relationships and expectations – BTTDL059


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    Merlin Mann is an Independent Writer, Speaker, and Broadcaster at MerlinMann.com and Cohost of Back to Work Podcast on the 5 by 5 Podcast Network with Dan Benjamin. You can find Merlin's previous appearance on this podcast here.

    Covered in this episode:

    Back to Work Episode 153: Anxiety's a Goat

    Getting Things Done by David Allen ©DavidCo, 2001.

    The unknown inboxes out there that we don’t know about that keep us up at night

    The inboxes we have accepted

    Being sober about acknowledging the known inboxes we have in our lives

    Interruptions vs. Distractions

    How thoughts effect our feelings and vice versa

    The real inbox zero: What percentage of your brain is somewhere you don’t want it to be right now.

    Calendars 5







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    Merlin Mann on Inbox Zero, Getting Things Done, Opportunity Cost, and Sunk Cost Fallacy

    Justin Wise of #THINKDIGITAL talks about productivity slump recovery, Inbox Zero, and ADHD.

    Laura Vanderkam talks about what successful people do before breakfast, on the weekend, and at work.

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  4. Audio: Cognition Roundtable - Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog

    Cognition - the blog by world-renowned web design and development agency Happy Cog, discussing design, user experience, business, content strategy and more.


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  5. ACM 200: The Long One with Guests & Apple Predictions - The Mac Observer

    It's the 200th episode of the Apple Context Machine, and while Jeff and Bryan really tried to put together just another episode, they kept getting interrupted by tech industry luminaries sharing their thoughts on what's in store for Apple. The list of anniversary episode guests included Dave Hamilton, Bob LeVitus, Ricky Spero, Gene Steinberg, and Peter Cohen. Warning: This is a long one.


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  6. Git Craziness | Lullabot

    In this episode, Kyle Hofmeyer is joined by Joe Shindelar, Blake Hall, Jerad Bitner, and Brock Boland to discuss git, different workflows, and working in teams.

    Git is often touted as among other things being extremely flexible. It's a big selling point for the software. You're not throwing all your eggs in one basket and assuming that there is one singular workflow to rule them all. This flexibility can also be a challenge though. In this podcast we'll talk about the various ways that we at Lullabot use Git when working with teams of people. Both small and large. And the organizational tricks we've learned along the way to help make sure our projects continue moving forward and don't get to messy.

    Some of the things discussed include designating someone as a branch manager, working in feature/task branches to keep your code organized and easy to review, and using pull requests. Spoiler alert! We end up boiling it all down to this. There is no one perfect way, but whatever way you decided to organize your team make sure you document it and that everyone on the team knows what you decided.

    Podcast notes Introduction to Git series


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