Perfecting Your Pitch - an ISAPresents Live Event with Max Timm & Felicity Wren

Join ISA's VP of Development, Felicity Wren, and Director of Education, Max Timm, as they discuss all things pitching. Get ready to submit your pitch for the ISA Pitch Challenge with some tips to make your pitch stand out.

Pitching appears to be terrifying, but really it is a wonderful excuse to share your fabulous story with an executive, make a new friend, and a wonderful impression, right? So how do you get your head in the game so it feels smooth, effortless and a pleasure? A few insider tricks, preparation and knowing your story inside out is key. Listen to Max and Felicity to find out, as they offer advice, tips and professional experience from both sides of the table.

Topics they will cover include: - The purpose of a pitch and how to use your voice to sell it - General steps and process of setting up pitches, preparing for them, and delivering them professionally - What goes into a pitch deck and the differences between TV and Feature decks

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