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  1. Report: Mpls. police disciplinary records detail pattern of mismanagement | MPR News

    Journalist Tony Webster and the Minnesota Reformer analyzed Minneapolis police disciplinary records and found the system for managing officer performance and misconduct has contributed to the difficulty city officials complain about when they want to fire bad cops.


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  2. Robinhood Engineering with Jaren Glover - Software Engineering Daily

    Robinhood is a platform for buying and selling stocks and cryptocurrencies. Robinhood is complex, fast-moving, and financial, and together these things require high quality engineering in distributed systems, observability, and data infrastructure. Jaren Glover is an engineer at Robinhood, and he joins the show to talk about the problem space within Robinhood, as well as


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  3. Hidden for decades, work of Minnesota photographer gets its own museum exhibit | MPR News

    After sitting unseen and largely forgotten for more than a quarter century, a trove of images taken by a Minnesota photographer in the 1940s and 1950s are on display in a new museum exhibit in Winona.


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  4. How The NSA And U.S. Cyber Command Hacked ISIS’s Media Operation : NPR

    In August 2015, the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, the military's main cyber arm, were at a crossroads about how to respond to a new terrorist group that had burst on the scene with unrivaled ferocity and violence. The one thing on which everyone seemed to agree is that ISIS had found a way to do something other terrorist organizations had not: It had turned the Web into a weapon.


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