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  1. The Big Web Show #130: Progressive Enhancement FTW with Aaron Gustafson

    Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest is web developer and long-time standards evangelist Aaron Gustafson (@AaronGustafson), author of Adaptive Web Design. The two web design and development veterans discuss web design then and now; why Flipboard’s 60fps web launch is


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  2. Starbucks — Responsive Web Design

    Starbucks considers mobile to be the first customer touchpoint. Lincoln Mongillo tells us why managing for “one web” forces them to focus on what’s important, and puts performance, accessibility, and security at the center of their design process.

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  3. Code for America — Responsive Web Design

    Sure, the page is dead, but now what? If you’re Code for America, you work with Clearleft to develop a pattern library and a component-based CMS built in Jekyll to deliver a new responsive website. Cyd Harrell and Jeremy Keith tell us about their fast-paced, iterative process.


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  4. Security Now 446: iOS Security

    Snowden’s SXSW appearance, SQRL coming in 34 languages, the deepest look yet into Apple’s iOS security, and more!

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  5. Security Now #444: Goto: Fail

    Goto: Fail, Apple’s SSL screw up, WhatsApp TOS change, Telegram, Mt. Gox & Bitcoin, and more!

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  6. Mac Break Weekly 391: I’m Sorry Kenny

    Apple SSL TLS security fix, Goto fail exploit, Steve Jobs postage stamp, iTunes Festival at SXSW, and more!

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  7. The Critical Path #111: Man of Arts and Letters and Science

    Horace and Moisés discuss the excitement surrounding Microsoft’s hire of new CEO/poet Satya Nadella, Apple’s recent numbers announcement, and yet more on Google (and their sale of Motorola to Lenovo).

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  8. The Big Web Show 109: Bring Me The Head Of Tim Berners-Lee

    A rational conversation about EME, DRM, the MPAA, and the W3C.

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  9. This Week in Tech #376

    Huffduffed from http://twit.tv/show/this-week-in-tech/376


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  10. Report: Wealthy ‘Elite Donors’ Fueling U.S. Politics

    Huffduffed from http://www.npr.org/2011/12/14/143730288/top-donors-make-up-one-quarter-of-campaign-donations

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