Debunking Myself on God

I recently defended God’s existence in a “devil’s advocate” debate. Today, we expand on that case, respond to objections, and take a closer look at the arguments raised. Are they so strong that I have to renounce my atheism??

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The Devil’s Advocate Debate:

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00:00 Introduction

01:09 Models of God

03:21 General Approach

08:30 The Existence of Consciousness - Is this understated evidence?

21:50 Psychophysical Harmony

33:18 A few thoughts on the first two arguments

37:54 Widespread Theistic Belief (Common Consent Argument)

48:31 The Consensus of Experts

53:28 Religious Disagreement

1:01:38 What makes religious discord distinctive?

1:14:36 Divine Hiddenness

1:24:32 The value of disagreement, the harm of disagreement,…

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