Feser’s Neo-Platonic Proof: An Analysis

Feser’s Neo-Platonic proof reasons from composite beings to the existence of an absolutely simple being. In this video, I critically evaluate the argument.

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This video is based on:

Schmid, J.C. Forthcoming. “Simply Unsuccessful: The Neo-Platonic Proof of God’s Existence", European Journal for Philosophy of Religion.

The article above is a proper part of Chapter 9 of my book. I’ve linked that chapter below! [I’m currently speaking with various editors at different presses regarding this book, so I can’t share the whole book.]

Chapter 9: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dXMBuvHJBT_rY0ebMzLtVDy8HFIz8lY2/view?usp=sharing


0:00 Intro and Outline 1:52 Dialectical Context 4:07 Neo-Platonic Proof 7:45 Preliminaries 14:13 Neo-Platonic Causal Principle 16:00 Step One 26:49 Step Two 28:23 Step Three 43:20 Step Four 54:35 Internal Explanation 1:02:46 Mindedness 1:14:40 Trinitarianism 1:27:34 Incarnation 1:47:57 Existential Inertia

Existential inertia links, for those interested:

(1) IJPR paper: https://philpapers.org/archive/SCHEIA-20.pdf (2) Response to Hsiao and Sanders: https://majesty

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYhV5JAy48g
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