DEBATE: Does the God of the Bible Exist? Andrew L. Seidel (Atheist) v. Tom Trento (Christian)

Andrew L. Seidel, constitutional attorney, atheist, and author of The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American and Tom Trento a trained Christian apologist debate the proposition: The God of the Bible Exists. Seidel argued against the proposition; Trento argued for.

0:00:34 Moderator intros 0:02:10 Atheist opening statement 0:07:01 Christian opening statement 0:12:35 Atheist rebuttal 0:15:03 Christian rebuttal 0:17:35 Atheist cross-examines Christian 0:20:05 Christian admits that he would kill his child if his God asked. 0:20:45 Christian cross-examines Atheist 0:24:10 Interlude - what did the parties agree to? 0:25:22 Christian rebuttal (con't) 0:27:23 Audience Q&A 0:44:18 Unscheduled cross-examination, Christian asks atheist 0:47:28 Atheist cross-examines Christian 0:50:53 Atheist closing statement 0:55:56 Christian closing statement 1:01:18 Moderator conclusion 1:03:10 Seidel short end

BACKGROUND: Mike Essen, a conservative Christian nationalist radio host, and Seidel debated Christian nationalism on his show ( ). After that, Essen approached Seidel about debating the existence of god on his radio show. Seidel agreed in principle. Essen asked Trento who then wanted make the radio debate a video debate that he could broadcast on his channels wh…

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