BBC Radio 4 Tracking The Lincolnshire Poacher

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  1. MMP#134 – Ken Hite on Espionage and Eldritch Horror » Misdirected Mark

    Espionage with Ken Hite and Eldritch Horror

    Hey Folks. This week I give you the Ken Hite Espionage panel from the Queen City Conquest and Phil and I take an In Depth look at Eldritch Horror while the show is bookended by the News on the front and the Geekery on the back. We also take another step closer to killing off the fiction.

    The Bar

    Class Warfare

    Dynamite Licenses ‘Mage Wars’

    Beta version of Delta Green v3 has been released for review.

    Chill Kickstarter

    Pro Level Gaming and Extra Life

    The Workshop – Ken Hite on Espionage

    In Depth – Eldritch Horror 

    The Geekery

    The Peripheral by William Gibson

    Google+Christopher Sniezak


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  2. Jacob Appelbaum - One Hour Talk + Q&A in Ecuador On Espionage, Spying, Assange and Snowden

    Jacob Appelbaum - One Hour Talk + Q&A in Ecuador On Espionage, Spying, Assange and Snowden. Q&A Starts at 42:00 Speaking to an audience of Ecuadorians, Jacob…

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  3. Seedy Business: The Future of China’s Industrial Espionage - The Little Red Podcast -

    Judging by the news headlines China is ramping up its industrial espionage efforts: secret payments to high-profile scientists, massive hacks of foreign universities and clumsy attempts to steal trade secrets the old-fashioned way. Intelligence agencies in the US and Australia have both issued dire warnings about the existential dangers posed by this sort of activity, but how much of a risk does China’s espionage even pose? And should the FBI be devoting huge resources to protecting multinational corporations when they can be acquired by Chinese interests through mergers and acquisitions? In this show, Graeme and Louisa talk to Mara Hvistendahl, the author of the newly released book The Scientist and the Spy, as well as Yun Jiang, a former Australian civil servant and now co-editor of the Neican China newsletter about the future of Chinese economic espionage.

    Image Credit: rabesphoto, Flickr!podcast

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  4. China’s Cyber Threat A High-Stakes Spy Game : NPR

    The cloak-and-dagger world of corporate espionage is alive and well, and China seems to have the advantage. Their cyber-espionage program is becoming more and more effective at swiping information from America’s public and private sectors, and the U.S. government has even blamed China publicly for hacking American industries.

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  5. Out Loud: Malcolm Gladwell on the Value of Espionage - The New Yorker

    Malcolm Gladwell writes in this week’s magazine about Kim Philby, a member of the British Secret Intelligence Service who spied for the Soviets for many years before and during the Cold War. On this week’s Out Loud podcast, Nicholas Thompson, the editor of, talks to Gladwell about Philby and other spies whose careers, Gladwell argues, call into question the value of intelligence gathered via espionage. Gladwell says, “There are many people, myself included, who are somewhere between hostile and agnostic on the notion of how crucial those kinds of secrets are. There is an enormous amount of back-and-forth over the period of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West on spies coming forward with information and secrets being sold and betrayed, and it’s really, really hard to come to any understanding of what the implication of those acts of treachery were.”

    Gladwell and Thompson also discuss the political repercussions of relying on espionage, and the tension between trust and suspicion, which is crucial to spy operations, but can play out in almost any area of life. You can subscribe to the Out Loud podcast on iTunes. Click here for the latest episodes of all New Yorker podcasts.

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