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  1. Maira Kalman — Daily Things To Fall in Love With | The On Being Project

    Writer and illustrator Maira Kalman is known for her books for children and adults, her love of dogs, and her New Yorker covers. Her words and pictures bring life’s intrinsic quirkiness and whimsy into relief right alongside life’s intrinsic seriousness.


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  2. An Hour Of Running With Peter Sagal | Think

    Peter Sagal joins us talk all things running.


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  3. BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Sister Wendy Beckett

    Sister Wendy Beckett, nun and art expert, is interviewed by Kirsty Young.


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  4. The Distance of the Moon | Radiolab | WNYC Studios


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  5. MBMBaM 418: Trial of the Riddlemancers | Maximum Fun


    My Brother, My Brother and Me

    GREETINGS, TRAVELER. You find yourself locked within the deepest depths of our Dastardly Podcast Labyrinth! There is only one escape: Solve these ingenious, crowdsourced riddles! We found them on the very worst website we’ve ever been to.

    Sugested talking points: A Lot of Vasectomy Chat, White Hat Aldi Hacker, Badass Kung Fu Panda Quotes, Riddles.com, Fountains of Pain


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  6. Recirculated 7: Merlin Mann [2015] — Circulating Ideas — Overcast


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  7. #175: Getting Organized at Home and Work, with Merlin Mann - Legal Talk Network

    Merlin Mann discusses the relationship between personal productivity and organizational productivity and how they relate to work-life balance.


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  8. Upgrade #189: Obsolescence Isn’t What It Used to Be - Relay FM

    Special Guest Merlin Mann joins Jason to discuss the weather, old speakers, Apple’s latest TV acquisition, the long slow fade of 32-bit Mac apps, and the arrival of a new version of his favorite iOS writing app.


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  9. 033: Drafts, with Greg Pierce and Merlin Mann

    Drafts is developed by Greg Pierce and used the hell out of by Merlin Mann. They sit down together to talk direction, workflows, and what’s coming next. Links:

    Drafts Merlin Mann Greg Pierce (@agiletortoise) on Twitter Merlin Mann (@hotdogsladies) on Twitter


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  10. 216: A Sweet Precious Angel with Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann joins Brett once again to discuss—in typically humorous

    fashion—dogs, personal digital assistants, Apple tech, productivity hacks,

    and more.

    Sponsored by:

    This episode is sponsored by TextExpander. Multiply your team’s

    productivity by making up-to-date, shared knowledge available instantly to

    everyone who needs it. Visit TextExpander.com/podcast for 20% off your

    first year.


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