How to Give a Decision Briefing - Part 1 | Manager Tools

This cast describes how to give a decision briefing to your manager.

We need a decision from our boss, and we can't get one. What do most of us do? Complain to our peers. This is not a recipe for success, nor changed behavior on your boss's part.

Usually, bosses don't make decisions because there's less pain associated with not making it than there is in making it. Once a boss makes a decision, she has the risk of being wrong. But until she makes the decision, very possibly the negative is that we get less time to take action because we're waiting on the decision. In other words, "no" pain for the boss.

How do we get our bosses to make a decision? How can we present a chance to make a decision in a way that maximizes our chances of getting one?

Use The Career Tools Decision Brief Model: SOCRR






Always Consider Two Hidden Factors: Time and Risk

Use SOCRR Always - Longer or Shorter, Versus Important Enough or Not

Effective Decision Briefs Are Virtually ALWAYS Pre-Wired