Nerdist Podcast: Arnold Schwarzenegger « Nerdist


This podcast is batsh@t-crazy-brilliant.


Within 5 minutes Arnold is talking about having a live crocodile in his house and him taunting it with a pair of aligator skinned boots.

No one is even slightly phased by the story.

That is next-level-bonkers.

I freaking love it.


This is a wonderful podcast!

Turns out that aaaaahnold is a really well spoken dude and a great storyteller!

The story of his history with producer Dino DeLaurentis alone is worth the price of admission.

Thanks Chris for another wonderful podcast!

Peace & Get to the chopppa!

You’re one ugly son of a b@tch!

Give me your clothes!

Remember when i said i’d kill you last…i lied!

Stick around!

You punch like a vegetarian!

3ToF…hasta la vista baby.



How has the website not yet acknowleged your recent accomplishment!!?!


You are #1 this week on EW Magazines “Must List”….you and @midnight!

Freaking awesome-sauce.

Well done dude….well done indeed!!

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