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  1. How To Run A SPOT Project Kickoff Meeting | Manager Tools

    This guidance describes how to run the first meeting you have with your team about a new project your team will be doing.

    A manager we know got assigned a project for he and his team a couple of years ago, and he asked us to critique his email that he was sending out to announce the project, both big picture and early assignments. We knew this manager, and knew his team were collocated with him. Why, we thought, would a manager send out a LOOOOOOONG email to his team with LOTS of details about a not unimportant project?

    He told us, well, that's just the way I've always done it.

    Well, there's a better way. It's MUCH more effective to have a brief meeting. It's called a SPOT meeting, and even though it's yet another meeting, it's totally worth it. Here's how to run one.


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  2. Horstman’s Law of Project Management - Part 1 (Hall Of Fame Guidance)

    In this cast we describe Horstman's Law of Project Management: Who Does What By When.

    We've talked and joked about it many times, and this cast will put to rest the details of Horstman's Law of Project Management (HLPM). Mark came up with it several years ago, to help a group of young managers get over their fear of working on fairly complex software development projects. It was actually born over a dinner at Mexican restaurant in Dallas!

    The concept is simple: all projects are simply tasks, done by people, within certain time frames. Despite all protestations to the contrary, no matter how complex the project, they all boil down to who is responsible for doing something, what they're responsible for, and when they have to have it done by. Complex tools can be helpful, but only on really large projects (and almost nobody looks at them anyway ;-) ).

    Keep it simple with HLPM. Here's how.


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  3. The Project Management Drumbeat Meeting - Part 2 | Manager Tools

    This guidance describes how to manage work and decisions being done on a project.

    Projects are generally governed by Horstman's Law of Project Management: Who does What by When. Sometimes it's a five year project, and sometimes it's 3 weeks. But it boils down to a string of tasks and deadlines, done by humans. And often we humans end up straggling after ripe blackberries when we should be meeting deadlines.

    One thing all of us Project Managers can do to keep things on track is to run our project meetings as a Drumbeat Meeting.


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