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  1. Madlib on Radio Nova

    Madlib stopped in to Radio Nova in Paris this week for a 30 minute set.

    From http://www.stonesthrow.com/news/2009/05/madlib-radio-nova

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  2. J Dilla - Nag Champa, Orchestral Mix by JW

    J Dilla [aka James Yancey, 1974-2006] was and remains one of the most important voices in independent hip hop. Earlier this month, just days before the third anniversary of his death from a rare blood disease, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Nino released four orchestral arrangements of his music under the title Suite for Ma Dukes. Read more about the project at Mochilla.

    I hope to have a chance to perform Dilla’s music sometime soon. In the meantime here’s my own mix of Nag Champa, bringing together Atwood-Ferguson’s studio orchestra version and the chorus from the original track.

    From http://jasonweinberger.com/2009/02/dillarrangements.html

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