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  1. Dopo - Blue Lands

    From http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/releases/tube157.htm

    Bittersweetness. Perhaps the word that best defines the nature and behaviour of humans. We are capable of the best and the worst, capable of love and hate, of happiness and sadness, luck and misfortune, we are both bitter and sweet at all times. Bittersweetness is also one of the best qualities that the music of the DOPO collective has to offer. You can find it in all of their songs, and that's what makes their sound so human, so unique. The power to make us happy and sad at the same time. And we wonder: 'how could we not love this? how could this not be part of our lives?'. And it couldn't, because DOPO's music translates into sounds the feelings we have while living our everyday lives. This is our sound.

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  2. Grau - Betty Loop

    From http://www.de-bug.de/pod/archives/4295.html

    The founder of Miniatura Records, Argentina-based artist Grau, has come out with his Betty Loop EP for release no. 24 on the pentagonik netlabel. Minimal techno in its very classic style, the EP has straigt-forward, to-the-point dry beat arrangements, which lay the groundwork for his noisy reverbarated rythmic textures. A much needed daily dose.

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  3. Ian D Hawgod - Frailty as the Source of all Things

    From http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/releases/tube153.htm

    If frailty is the source of all things, then we ought to go back to it. All the abundant arrogance and destructive strength present in human beings has brought us to irreversible situation, into a mood that swings like the weather, each time faster and more bipolar. I believe "Her name was frailty" implies The Earth. Whenever we observe The Earth from a distance, in this case from an astronaut's point of view, we can understand how far from reality we have strayed. The construction and sounds of this album allows me to, not only returning to a point of frailness, but also to activate a particular type of mental stimulation that empowers my psyche conceding me thoughts about restoration. Now, restoration implies an active participation in bringing the past back to life, in this case from broken to whole. This release definitely modifies my tiny rat heart.

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  4. Soundamantium - Countdown

    From http://www.fresh-poulp.net/releases/FPR030.html

    Fresh Poulp presents its 30th release with a brand new artist : Soundamantium. No that new indeed, as he appeared recently on Rafiralfiro's "Istanbul Engloutie EP's" as well as on our compilation "Octopus Two". Darklighter is the second album from Salim Malik aka Soundamantium, following the LP "Symphonia Absurdus", available on Jamendo. This new album is a trip through dark ambient music and world flavoured IDM, and features a collaboration from his friend Rafiralfiro.

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  5. Música Inmobiliaria - Audio I

    Besides a few academic composers in Bogota, Colombia is represented by a new wave of experimental musicians in this country's real musical city, Medellín. This young promise of musical composition does not clash with the rest showing sweet and melancholic melodies, as well as shy and reversed beats. Five ambient-dub-intelligent tracks framed in such a way that could tell a history that seems to occur into a deep calm forest in no specific time.


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  6. Slava - Sunflower

    Moment Sound celebrates the release of "Sunflower", a diverse collection of songs from one of our primary founders, Slava. For the past several years Slava has been playing and organizing events throughout Chicago focusing on the advancement of live electronic music and art culture. Like his many performances, Sunflower spans a wide array of styles while maintaining a certain atonement that is uniquely "Slava".

    Beyond the use of complex harmonies and unpredictable yet familiar melody lines is an almost obsessive approach to texture and timing. This is what happens when you put a jazz-man on a beat machine. His coolness transcends the temporality of trend and the artistic result is well-rounded music. Simultaneously ingenious and humble, the overall sound of this release can be described as contemplative, ambient yet attention grabbing, aromatic. Stay tuned for more release and live recordings from Slava in the near future.


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  7. Renzu - Inn

    Listen to the whole album at: http://www.archive.org/details/foot096 Some of netlabel freaks know Renzu, who released Reiha EP from Monotonik. When I received his works, I was waiting for the time of this release. And now I'm delighted it has come finally! Here comes my review, one by one : Inn - You can hear a female say "koko wa doko deshouka?" ("where do you think this place is?) Where does she take us? Where is here? Pictures of the Floating World - This could be the answer to the previous question. Ethnic and oriental, like Japanese, but it would be other than Japan. Kuda-gitsune (管狐 : pipe-fox) - It seamlessly succeeds the mood of this mysterious "World". Kuda-gitsune is a creature from legends : one of Yōkai (妖怪). Omamori (御守り : amulet) - A mixture with Japanese sounds and rhythmic sequences. As we move towards the end, our minds get uplifted, higher and higher… Amasawa - The title refers 天沢勇子 (Amasawa Yūko) from TV series, 電脳コイル (Dennō Coil). "The idea to use an arpeggiated glockenspiel in the song was inspired by series' music", Renzu said. Zashiki-warashi (座敷童子) - It is a spiritual being, a kind of Yōkai, too. With this flowing 4-beats tune, it makes me feel like they are playing a trick. Daifuku (大福) - We met unexpectedly. It was white, it was sweet. The wonderful time we spent together, but it didn't last so long. I can't forget you. I miss you. I want to see you again. My dear Daifuku… Joke. Nakoruru (ナコルル) - You know her, if you are familiar with サムライスピリッツ (Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown). Slower, chilling and relaxing tune, with Japanese traditional elements. Miku Acid - Well-processed tracks feature girlish vocal. This is especially for Japanese listeners. Who is Miku? Come on, you know it? Yes, she is, the one and only, 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku). Stage - It may be night, but it changes suddenly. It takes us to somewhere another. Across the Threshold - Here is the title track, purely electronic. Now we are far away from "the Floating World". Memories of Earth - We are leaving from, or going back to where we live? I can't figure it out. All fades away…

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  8. The Helio Sequence - Blood Bleeds

    from: http://subpop.com/artists/the_helio_sequence

    Brandon Summers was disenchanted at a time when he thought he’d be anything but. Following two epic, self-produced albums on Portland’s Cavity Search, The Helio Sequence had just released Love and Distance, the duo’s shimmering 2004 debut on Sub Pop. Brandon and best friend Benjamin Weikel were traversing the country with their impressive collection of synthesizers, pedals, guitars and massive amps all jam-packed into a brand new tour van (a two-seater obtained during Benjamin’s stint as the drummer for Modest Mouse).

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