The Box - Episode 1: Neven Mrgan

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  1. Afterschool Podcast - Neven Mrgan

    No redesign affects hundreds of millions of people around the world quite like an update to an operating system. In September, Apple released a doozy: iOS 7 is one of the biggest updates in the company's history, marking the beginning of a new era for it's software and Apple itself.

    Like anything that has hundreds of millions people using it, any change big or small is bound to cause controversy, but we have the perfect guest to help us sort through iOS 7. Neven Mrgan is a designer and developer at Panic. Over the past 15 or so years Panic has established itself as the premier Apple indie software developer, releasing wildly successful apps such as Audion, Transmit, Coda, and Status Board. In his spare time, Neven is also an indie game developer, with two iOS games: The Incident and most recently Blackbar, a text-based game about censorship. As you would expect, we have a lot to talk about.

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  2. 12. First Person Shooter Monkey Island

    Neven Mrgan, designer of wonderful apps and games, joins us to discuss retro games. We discuss his upcoming game Space Age, the challenges of pixel art, and Neven’s previous games The Incident and Blackbar.

    Space Age The Incident Scaling Pixel Art from Microsoft Research Gus Mueller’s excellent Acorn Shaun Inman’s letter M Sword and Sworcery Retro Game Crunch Monkey Island in CryEngine The rights to No One Lives Forever Firewatch Paradox Factor Blackbar Hitman GO

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  3. It Doesn’t Matter - Neven Mrgan

    This past April 20-23, we held our first ever Yosemite conference in Yosemite National Park. In this talk, Neven Mrgan goes over several things that, though often thought of as important, most likely won't affect the success of your project. Special thanks to the awesome people at Panic (, Bare Bones Software (, and Smile ( for making this video possible.

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