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  1. DOM Scripting and Ajax

    Web developer and author of DHTML Utopia, Stuart Langridge discussed the resurgence of JavaScript and how, combined with XML, Ajax is allowing developers to create a new breed of rich Internet applications.

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  2. Ajax and the Flickr API

    Simon Willison from Yahoo!’s Flickr development team discussed the XML web services API that has lead to Flickr acting as a platform for other developers, and showed how the site itself makes use of the API with Ajax.

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    Ben Metcalfe, Project Lead for the BBC’s developer network, talked about how the corporation is encouraging and supporting grassroots developers who want to remix its content into their projects.

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  4. Web Everywhere

    Tom Hume, Director of mobile design and technology specialists Future Platforms, examined and discussed trends in internet usage from mobile and handset devices. How come everyone in the UK is constantly online today? What’s different about the mobile Internet? And where does this leave Bill Gates’ vision of a PC in every home?

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  5. The Remix Economy

    Member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Cory Doctorow, discussed the history of copyright over the years and the effect it has played on innovation.

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  6. Web Services: Fuelling Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Web services are changing the fundamental nature of the web, as more and more companies offer their data for free. Rather than spending millions of dollars on complicated systems, entrepreneurs can tap into the existing services of companies like Amazon, and create innovative new enterprises for a fraction of the cost; enterprises that wouldn’t have been economical otherwise. In this session, Amazon Web Services Evangelist, Jeff Barr, will discuss the power of open APIs and how they are helping to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship. Jeff will discuss Amazon’s motivation for building AWS and some of the design decisions (such as their use of XSLT) they made along the way. Jeff will touch on some of Amazon’s current offerings such as S3 and the Mechanical Turk, before showing demonstrations of how these services are being used in the wild.

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  7. Web Services for Fun and Profit

    Over the last year the Yahoo! Developer Network has opened up dozens of sites and services to external software developers, with APIs for Yahoo! Search, Flickr,, Yahoo! Maps, and many others. More recently Yahoo! has started adopting microformats on Yahoo! Local and

    Simon and Paul will be peeking behind the Yahoo! firewall, showing how these services are created and discussing some of the lessons learned in releasing them to the public. They will also show how a company can make use of web services internally to solve real-world technical problems, encourage innovation, and make work more enjoyable.

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  8. The Joy of API

    Over the course of dConstruct, you’re going to hear plenty about APIs from the people providing them: Yahoo!, Amazon, etc. But why should you, as a developer, be interested?

    Come on a journey with Jeremy Keith as he describes how much fun can be had from hacking around with open data. Listen to his experiences of experimenting with mashups. Find out how Web Services can rekindle the passion in your code.

    After some initial foreplay describing the differences between REST and SOAP, join Jeremy as he penetrates some code. Soon you’ll be swinging with Amazon, Flickr, and Google Maps.

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  9. Accessible Web Applications in a Post Web 1.0 World

    How can we build modern web applications that use DOM Scripting and Ajax-type technologies and ensure that they are accessible?

    To find the answers Derek will look at the impact of Ajax and dynamically-generated content on people with disabilities by examining how various assistive technologies interact with modern web development techniques such as DOM Scripting and Ajax. Using those results Derek will create a strategy to make some currently popular design patterns more accessible to all users.

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  10. Understanding Folksonomy (Tagging that Works)

    Thomas Vander Wal will provide an overview on tagging services and outline where there is value in tagging. This will focus on what is different in folksonomy that improves upon tagging, so that it becomes a powerful tool. Thomas will provides insights to help answer when to use tagging and/or categories, who should be tagging, the value of a tagcloud (or lack of value) when used properly, and how to create value from tagging to improve the sites and services we build.

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