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  1. All Songs +1: David Bowie Fulfills His Jazz Dream : All Songs Considered : NPR

    Saxophonist Donny McCaslin and longtime David Bowie producer Tony Visconti talk Blackstar and Bowie’s deep dive into jazz.


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  2. The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart : Episode 20: With Jon Stewart

    The exclusive, definitive Jon Stewart exit interview.


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  3. You Look Nice Today - Parlor Parlor- (XOXO 2015)

    You Look Nice Today - Parlor Parlor- (XOXO 2015)

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  4. Status Update | This American Life

    Most of the time, the updates we share about our lives are small and inconsequential. This week, status updates that interrupt daily life. We hear two friends talk about how one of them has become rich and famous. And an entire town gets a status update on itself.


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  5. Quirks and Quarks 40 Year Anniversary

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  6. The Productivityist Podcast Episode 61: The Power of Focus with Shawn Blanc - Productivityist

    This week on the show I welcome my friend Shawn Blanc, creator of The Focus Course.


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  7. The School Leadership Show: Strategies for Managing Your Time and Attention

    In this episode I interview writer, speaker, and broadcaster Merlin Mann. We talk about managing all of the inputs that come your way.  We go into great depth on managing email and working toward what Merlin has coined “inbox zero.”  We also talk about strategies for managing your time and attention in order to set yourself up for doing your best, most creative work.  To learn more about Merlin and his work visit http://www.merlinmann.com/.  Enjoy this interview with Merlin Mann.

    Send your comments, questions, and show ideas to mike@schoolleadershipshow.com.  Consider rating the podcast in itunes and leaving a comment.  And please pass the show along to your colleagues.


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  8. Cultural bias, episode #7 of The Cracked Podcast on Earwolf

    David Wong aka Jason Pargin returns to discuss cultural bias with Jack OâBrien on this weekâs episode of Cracked.


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  9. Origin Stories, episode #6 of The Cracked Podcast on Earwolf

    On today’s episode of Cracked, Jack and Michael invite some fellow Cracked contributors to dissect their favorite real world origin stories.


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  10. Unjustly Maligned | “Garfield” with Scott Kurtz (Episode 28)

    Bestselling cartoonist Scott Kurtz joins Antony to explain why the cat everyone loves to hate is unjustly maligned, how Jim Davis inspired his own career, and why topical gags are overrated.


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