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  1. Body Count | Radiolab | WNYC Studios

    When you run the math, who comes out on top, the living or the dead?


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  2. Game Show | That Seems Naughty (Episode 122)

    A new Parsely adventure? It’s a Christmas miracle! We take a tour of the North Pole and try to save Christmas by entering basic commands into a human parser. What secrets lie in the Candy Cane Forest? Who lives atop Yeti Mountain? What is Mary Claus’s marital status? Tis the season!


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  3. I’ll Do The Procrastination Episode Tomorrow

    In an episode that could not be put off any longer, Merlin Mann joins John to unpick the habit of procrastination, how to identify when you’re doing it, why you’re doing it and how to stop yourself from doing it and get yourself back on track.



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  4. The Incomparable | The Yellow Ones Don’t Stop (Episode 491)

    Get out your flask of maple syrup, warm up your Lite Brites and Etch-A-Sketches, and check the Clausometer, because it’s time to tell the story of Buddy the Elf. It’s 2003’s “Elf”, the modern Christmas classic starring Will Ferrell. What are the theological implications of the seven levels of the candy cane forest? Why so many “Lord of the Rings” references? How can James Caan and everyone else at the publishing company be so bad at their jobs? Wait a second… this isn’t maple syrup!


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  5. How John Gruber, Raconteur, Uses OmniOutliner

    John Gruber, professional blogger and podcaster, has been using OmniOutliner for just about as long as it’s existed. His main use is for planning projects — for instance, he recently moved servers, which is something he’s rarely done, and he used OmniOutliner to keep track of the many details and things to check.


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  6. Episode 137: Our Third Annual Apple Watch Check-In – AppStories

    This week, in what has become an annual tradition, Federico and John talk about how they’ve set up their Apple Watches, including the complications they use, the third-party apps on which they rely, and what’s in their Watch docks.


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  7. Adapt #11: Parameters in Shortcuts for iOS 13 - Relay FM

    Federico walks through one of the biggest changes to Shortcuts in iOS 13: parameters. Afterwards, Ryan shares his experiences using Microsoft Word to write a MacStories article.


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  8. The Incomparable | A Problematic Hen (Episode 482)

    Your voice is your passport, so prepare to be verified. We discuss 1992’s “Sneakers,” a spy/heist thriller in which a team of smart people solve puzzles while trying to navigate the NSA, Russian spies, and an angry genius who works for the mob and is trying to overthrow the world order. Yes, star Robert Redford rolled a very high Charisma score, but the rest of the cast is also amazing.


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  9. Episode 133: Building an iOS Media Companion – AppStories

    Federico helps John set up an iPod touch as a media companion for watching TV and movies, enjoying music, and controlling HomeKit devices.


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  10. 76: Range by David Epstein – Bookworm

    We’ve all heard stories of famous people who knew what they were born to do from a young age. But should we really be trying to follow in their narrow-focused footsteps?

    Today’s author challenges the traditional idea that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice is what it takes to become an expert, explains why specializing early on in life may actually hurt your long-term success, and make the case that we should all look lead more generalized lives.


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