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  1. Not Playing with Lex and Dan | Top Gun (Episode 7.2)

    Come fly the not so friendly skies with Lieutenant Dan “Gambit” Moren and his wingman Lieutenant Lex “Snuggie” Friedman as they watch 1986’s seminal fighter jet treatise, Top Gun.

    Hot topics include surprising comedy, solidly workmanlike craft, and whether or not Tom Cruise will ever sing on film again.

    Programming Note: In addition to this capsule episode, which contains our discussion before and after the film, members can watch along with Lex and Dan in a full-length commentary track, available in the members-only First Class feed. If you’re not already a member, why not sign up? And if you are, now’s a great time to update your membership allocations and maybe throw a little support in the direction of Not Playing. Thanks!


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  2. Episode 109″ – Lex Friedman – Dave & Ethan’s 2000” Weird Al Podcast

    Original Air Date – June 2, 2021

    Dave and Ethan interview podcast host, author, & Weird Al super-fan Lex Friedman about his career, fandom, and working with Weird Al on The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour.

    This week’s guest…

    Lex Friedman is a podcast host, author, & Weird Al super fan who was instrumental in getting Weird Al’s entire 77 concert The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour recorded and released on Stitcher Premium in 2018.


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  3. Jeff Hawkins - Guy Kawasaki

    This episode’s remarkable guest is Jeff Hawkins, inventor of the Palm Pilot and technology entrepreneur. Listen to him now on Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast.


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