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  1. CHM Live | Building Great Things

    [Recorded May 11, 2022] What does it take to design technologies that change the world? Who are the people behind the gadgets you love? What does it REALLY take to be successful in Silicon Valley?

    Tony Fadell had a hand in creating some of the most influential devices of all time, including the iPod, the iPhone, and the Nest thermostat that pioneered the Internet of Things. With over 300 patents and 30+ years of experience founding companies and designing products that profoundly affect people’s lives, he’s ready to share hard-won insights about leadership, design, and startups from his new book Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making.

    What You’ll Learn -Is my idea good or bad? -Is it a good time to start my own company? -How do I deal with failure? -How can I escape becoming stagnant?

    Join us to experience the trademark energy, irreverence, and vision that have made Tony a Silicon Valley icon.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPY9YcMnUZI
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  2. Marie Poulin, Jesse J. Anderson, Bryan Jenks, Karaminder Ghuman: PKM Through the Lens of ADHD

    In this panel discussion, our speakers explore…

    ​- What productivity and personal knowledge management look like through the lens of ADHD ​- How strategies for the average person don’t necessarily work for folks with ADHD ​- Helpful tips and alternative strategies for people with ADHD (or suspected / undiagnosed)

    Featuring: - Marie Poulin, co-founder of Oki Doki and creator of Notion Mastery - Jesse J. Anderson, ADHD creative and author of "Refocus: A Practical Guide to ADHD" - Bryan Jenks, YouTuber - Karaminder Ghuman, Building a Second Brain Mentor & The “Creator Genius” Guy

    This was recorded as part of our Second Brain Summit 2022.

    —————————- Building a Second Brain is the proven method to organize your digital life and unlock your creative potential.

    We’re on a mission to help you increase your productivity, and ​​lead a more fulfilling life with more ease and less stress.

    🤓 TEST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY POTENTIAL If you had a Second Brain, how much more organized, effective, calm, and creative could you be? Take our quiz & find out: https://fortelabs.co/productivity-potential

    🧠 HOW YOU CAN BUILD YOUR SECOND BRAIN Order the book: https://www.buildingasecondbrain.com/book Join our live 5-week online course: https://www.buildingasecondbrain.com/course


    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3x2JHmVNpg&t=442s
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  3. Game Show | Kermit Is Immeasurable (Episode 174)

    Introducing Inestimable, a game show which features panelists making wild numeric, comparative, and order of magnitude guesses about animals, bodies of water, foods, popular music, and much more. Knowledge isn’t required; in fact, it may be the enemy of success! Panelists play against a live audience of Incomparable members whose answers are averaged to show the wisdom of crowds. It’s the show that rewards guessing and also penalizes guessing. Listeners may find pen/pencil and paper handy to play along.


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