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  1. If You Still Think That Success Online Is About Building “The Best Darn Site,” read this. – The Matthew Inman Interview

    Am I the only one who thinks that startups spend too much time geeking out about code and development, but not enough time getting passionate about marketing?

    If you want to get passionate about the power of clever marketing, download the program I recorded with Matthew Inman. He’s a smart developer and designer who built the dating site Mingle2 in only 66.5 hours. That’s a stunning accomplishment, but I think it would be meaningless if he didn’t market it.


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  2. How Y Combinator Helped 172 Startups Take Off – With Paul Graham


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  3. How A Spare Computer Became Twitpic, A $1.5 Million A Year Twitter Success Story

    In 2008, Noah Everett wanted to share photos on Twitter. Since there was no way to do it, he grabbed an old server and created Twitpic as a side project.


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  4. Wikipedia’s Founder On How The Site Was Built & Promoted. – with Jimmy Wales

    How did Jimmy Wales get the world to help him write an encyclopedia? And what could YOU learn from his experiences to help you build a business that leaves a legacy?

    I invited Jimmy to Mixergy and I asked him to talk about the business side of his non-profit, Wikipedia. He told us how the idea for Wikipedia evolved, how he got people to contribute to it, why people promoted the site, and more. My goal was to help you learn how to build a startup that leaves a legacy, from the man whose work changed the world.


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  5. How A Driven Entrepreneur Made Tetris A Huge Hit – With Henk Rogers

    When I asked Henk Rogers how he made Tetris a hit, he said "crazy persistence." If you listen to this program, you’ll hear how his persistence kept helping him overcome obstacles that would have made others quit.

    Henk didn’t invent Tetris, but he’s the entrepreneur who went into the Soviet Union to win the rights to the game, and he’s the man who made it a world-wide phenomenon that’s still going strong, even though the game was invented back in 1984.


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  6. The Biography Of Wordpress – With Matt Mullenweg

    Millions of blogs — including Mixergy.com — run on WordPress. So I invited the entrepreneur behind this insanely successful software, Matt Mullenweg, to do an interview about how WordPress went from idea to a growing business.

    I organized this interview like a biography, so you’ll hear how it all started at an economics summer camp, how Matt figured out the revenue model for the business, how he evangelized his product to bloggers, how he figured out what new features his customers wanted, and more.


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  7. Why Didn’t Pownce Trounce Twitter? – with Leah Culver

    We talked about more than Pownce and Twitter in this interview. Leah Culver is a developer who launched many projects. Pownce was just the highest profile of them. I asked her about it because I’m insanely curious about why it didn’t crush Twitter.

    Here’s what I saw from the outside. In March 2007, when Pownce launched, Twitter didn’t have much of a head start. It only had about 250,000 members, and Twitter’s site was still unstable and often inaccessible. So Pownce launched at a good time. Plus it offered more features. Plus it had a real revenue plan with its premium accounts. Plus it was backed by Kevin Rose a Web celebrity with geek cred. Why didn’t it win?


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