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  1. Longshots #206: Libraries Are Mirrors of the Community

    Sarah talks with Liz McGettigan, Library and Information Services Manager for the City of Edinburgh Council in Scotland about their virtual library project. They also discuss the Tales of One City blog, how they are applying Web 2.0 strategies in reinventing their website, their new branding plan, how they work to mirror the community, and a conference they put together each year featuring products and best practices.

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  2. SpoolCast: Leveraging Search Patterns & Discovery with Peter Morville » UIE Brain Sparks

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  3. Knowledge in the Age of Abundance - David Weinberger

    LITA Forum 2009 Keynote

    Nothing has been more important to our culture than knowledge. We’ve even used it to define who we are: We are the rational animals, the animals that can know their world. But our traditional Western notion of knowledge has been premised on an implicit scarcity: of access to publishers, access to books, and a scarcity of knowledge itself. Our new connected age is one of abundance. This is bringing a change in the nature, shape, value and role of knowledge itself.

    From http://litablog.org/2009/10/forum-2009-keynote-audio-david-weinberger/

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