7 people

  1. andybudd / Andy Budd

    I run a small design consultancy in Brighton with a few of my friends. I really enjoy my work as it …

  2. nickf / Nick Finck

    Owner of Blue Flavor, Founder of Digital Web Magazine, all around User Experience guy.

  3. tiffehr / tiffehr

    I will never take up knitting. Beyond that, there’s simply the usual PacNW early 30s experience.

  4. PeteWilliams / Pete Williams

    A UX Designer who wants to know what you know.

  5. adewale / Ade Oshineye

  6. bigskinnyboy / Aaron Witherow

    A {insert web related job title here} by day. From Northern Ireland but now reside in the sunny dest…

  7. beautifulcode / Aaron

    Developer in Calgary, Canada. Interested in Ruby, Rails, JS, CSS, HTML, iPhone Dev, Startups, Soft…