The Dao of Web Design Revisited at Web Directions South 2011 | Lanyrd

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  1. RWD Podcast Episode #19 : Ethan Marcotte — Responsive Web Design

    This week I’m joined by the Father of Responsive Design, Mr Ethan Marcotte. It was great to chat with Ethan about how he arrived in the field of web design, the fundamentals of responsive design and why they’re so important, and where he sees things moving in the future.

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  2. RWD Podcast Episode #17 : Stephen Hay — Responsive Web Design

    This week I welcome Stephen Hay to the show. I had a great time chatting with Stephen about his work on responsive design workflow, how he approaches the design process and he even parts with the Ultimate Advanced Responsive Design technique.

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  3. RWD Podcast #54 — Responsive Web Design

    This week we are looking at an article from Cloud Four and Jason Grigsby about PWAs.

    In the article he talks about how to approach Progressive Web Apps not from a technical approach such as…

    Implement HTTPS

    Add Service Worker

    Do caching stuff

    Dinner and cocktails

    But instead the logistics of the design and approach. He talks about the tough things like

    When is it an app and when is it a website?

    What expectations do users have if it is one or another?

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  4. RWD Podcast Episode 43 — Responsive Web Design

    The second and final instalment for the podcast version of the Entropic Web talk I gave at the Mobx Conference in Berlin, Germany. In this part I look at the speed of light, latency, interstellar travel and how all of these can come together to produce amazing sites.

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  5. ABC Radio - By Design: John Maeda on Redesigning Leadership

    Now to leadership — how to be a leader in this new design-aware and oriented world we seem to be entering. John Maeda is president of the celebrated Rhode Island School of Design in the USA. He took up this post in 2008, but prior to that was a designer and computer scientist, and a tenured professor. John talks with By Design about his shift into leadership — and becoming a leader.

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