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  1. 30. Ana and Mia: How Eating Disorders Evolved Online - Note to Self - WNYC

    This is the story of one lonely young girl who used the Internet to get better at starving herself behind …


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  2. 29. How to Be Smarter than Facebook - Note to Self - WNYC

    Habits are powerful. Tech companies know that when they build you new gadgets and websites. But if you are wise …


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  3. 28. Learning To Code and Losing My Mind (Reprise) - Note to Self - WNYC

    Computer coding isn’t for everybody. But we should all take at least a peek inside the computers and devices that …


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  4. 27. Me and My Girlfriend Texted Only in Emoji for a Month - Note to Self - WNYC

    As one couple found out, visual texting is surprisingly good for emotional expression.


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  5. 26. The Way Colleges Teach Computer Science Hurts Women - Note to Self - WNYC

    The ratio of women to men in tech is appalling. But it’s not hopeless. One thing that works: quashing "the …


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  6. 25. Three Award-Winning Stories - Note to Self - WNYC

    It’s not always so easy to make friends with your neighbors. Can technology help? 


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  7. 24. Mining Your Voice for Hidden Feelings and Company Profits - Note to Self - WNYC

    There’s a subtle difference between feeling ‘exasperated and furious’ and ‘exasperated but ready to listen.’   


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  8. 23. Dissecting Voices to Find the Hidden Call For Help - Note to Self - WNYC

    Amber Smith is bipolar. Her mood swings are dangerous. But she’s testing new technology that could spot trouble early by …


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  9. 22. Digital Mail vs U.S. Postal Service - Note to Self - WNYC

    They had a plan for the future of paper mail. It was visionary. It was also naive. 


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  10. 21. Mindy Kaling, Girly Girls, and the Future of Tech - Note to Self - WNYC

    Sure we want more girls to try computer coding. But is the way to do it by using code to make …


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