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  1. VBUG Podcast 5 - Carlos Aguilar Mares

    Whilst out in Barcelona attending Tech Ed Developers 2007, VBUG Chairman, Andy Westgarth took the opportunity to talk to Carlos Aguilar Mares, Senior Developer on the IIS Team, about the work being done with IIS 7, where it is heading and anything current that Carlos thinks we should be aware of right now.

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  2. VBUG Podcast 4 - Barry Dorrans

    We catch up with Barry Dorrans prior to him flying out to present (at very short notice) at Tech Ed Developers EMEA 2007. Barry is a recent MVP and we discuss his experiences so far. In a wide and varied conversation Andy and Barry talk about CardSpace and Identity management, Women In IT, Recruitment and much more - listen to see where the conversation goes!

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  3. VBUG Podcast 3 - Steve Abraham

    Andy catches up with Steve Abraham, shortly after the VBUG Conference. They discuss new approaches to Data Access using ADO.Net 3.x; the Entity Framework and LINQ and Steve also discusses SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition.

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  4. VBUG Podcast 2 - Ken Spencer

    In this Podcast we catch up with the VBUG 2007 Conference Keynote Speaker Ken Spencer, Microsoft Regional Director and Practice Manager for Solid Quality Mentors. Andy caught up with Ken after the conference and discussed WPF Data Binding and Ken's opinions on the movement and progress within the IT Industry.

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  5. VBUG Podcast 1 - Dave McMahon

    In our first ever Podcast we catch up with Dave McMahon, one of the fathers of UK Technical Podcasts. We felt it was fitting to start our podcasts with an interview with Dave and Tim and Andy took the chance to catch up with Dave at this year's VBUG Conference. We discuss Dave's presentations at the conference - Top 10 SQL Keywords and LINQ to XML, and we talk about the UK Community.

    N.B. Apologies for the high level of background noise in the recording.

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