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  1. Malcolm Gladwell Looks At Technology Innovations

    Innovation and originality are close cousins. We think of creative innovators as people with new ideas. But to read Malcolm Gladwell on the subject is to be reminded of a distinction: An innovator may not be the one with the new idea — but with a new take on an old idea. Robert Siegel interviews Gladwell, who wrote "Creation Myth: Xerox PARC, Apple, and the truth about innovation" in the May 16th issue of The New Yorker.

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  2. What is Sustainable Development?

    Aspen Institute Aspen, CO Jul 5th 2006 [A video version of this presentation is available at Fora.tv]

    The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century led to significant advancements in technology, many of which have resulted in better standards of living for us today. On the other hand, this progress has taken its toll on the non-renewable resources of our planet. Given the accelerated rate at which developing nations such as India and China follow developed nations in the exploitation of limited natural resources, how long will our planet be able to sustain such growth?

    Of all, the human species has had the most impact on the consumption of resources. Are we on the verge of environmental bankruptcy, or are there other important investment opportunities that need our attention? Panelists Harriet Babbitt, Nancy Birdsall, Lawrence Summers and Cameron Sinclair discuss the meaning of, and measures to achieve, sustainable development.

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