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  1. On Point: E-Memory & Human Nature

    Human memory is a famously tricky thing. We remember some things. We forget a lot more. And we shape and sculpt the memories we do have with a vengeance. But more and more, the actual events of our lives are being recorded electronically. In Facebook albums and Twitter posts and smartphone files, yes, but also in thousands of digital transactions we don't even think about. Now, two top Microsoft computer scientists are talking about an era of e-memory — "total recall" — as a revolution in what it means to be human. This hour, On Point: E-memory, total recall, and human nature.

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  2. Podcast: Interview with David Cochran on the how of creating the first scientific calculator

    This is the 1st in a series of interviews of individuals and teams who have created what I would consider killer innovations. In this episode, I recorded an interview with David Cochran, the original Product Manager of the HP35 calculator.

    In this interview, David not only shares the history and how of creating the HP35, but also shares stories about Bill Hewlett, David Packard and others including Steve Wozniak.

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  3. Boagworld 144: Scale

    "On this week’s show Paul talks to Joe Stump from Digg about scalable websites, we review the best apps for web designers and investigate services for sending bulk emails."

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