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  1. TTBOOK: Alone Time

    John Cacioppo says that loneliness is a signal as fundamental to our well-being as hunger and thirst. Robert Kull chose to live completely alone off the coast of Chile for a year. Bill Friskics-Warren conducts a quick trip through some classic songs of loneliness. Thomas Dumm thinks a lonely society can be a dangerous one. Kathleen Norris describes Acedia, a kind of frantic escapism and aversion to other people.

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  2. When The Muse Descends

    How does creative work get done? When the answer finally comes to a question that's dogged you for weeks or years, where is it coming from?

    In this special hour, Nathan Englander - acclaimed novelist, short story writer, playwright - is our guest producer.

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  3. Kevin Kelly on technology evolving beyond us

    Kevin Kelly, a founding editor of Wired magazine, a former editor and publisher of the Whole Earth Catalog, and one of the most compelling thinkers about technology today, talks about his new book, What Technology Wants. Make no mistake: the singularity is near. Kelly discusses the technium–a broad term that encompasses all of technology and culture–and its characteristics, including its autonomy and sense of bias, its interdependency, and how it evolves and self-replicates. He also talks about humans as the first domesticated animals; extropy and rising order; the inevitability of humans and complex technologies; the Amish as technology testers, selecters, and slow-adopters; the sentient technium; and technology as wilderness.


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  4. Interview: Jerry Brotton, Author Of ‘A History of the World in Twelve Maps’ | Mapping Our World View : NPR

    In A History of the World in Twelve Maps, Jerry Brotton examines the construction of a dozen world maps throughout history, and argues that world maps are no more objective today than they were thousands of years ago.


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  5. The Future of Books

    Duane Bray, a partner at the design and innovation consultancy IDEO, and Robert Lenne, an Interaction Designer also from IDEO, share their vision for the future of the book. Could linking discussions and connecting readers change the way we experience our favorite stories?

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  6. Opening The Book

    The book has stayed pretty much the same for over 500 years: a bunch of paper pages between covers. It's been both finite and easily grasped. But our digitally-connected world is forcing us to re-imagine what books could be.

    Participants in the program:

    Bob Stein, founder and co-director of The Institute For the Future of the Book, New York.

    James Bridle, writer, publisher, editor, technologist, London.

    Hugh McGuire, founder of pressbooks and libravox, co-editor of Book: A Futurist's Manifesto, Montreal.

    Kylie Mirmohamadi, professor of English, La Trobe University, Melbourne.

    Sue Martin, professor of English, La Trobe University, Melbourne.


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