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  1. Memory Games : TED Radio Hour : NPR

    • can eyewitnesses create memories?
    • how do experiences become memories?
    • can anyone learn to be a master memorizer?

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  2. Spoken And Unspoken : TED Radio Hour : NPR

    • is texting actually advancing language?
    • does language bring us together or pull as apart?
    • does the subjunctive have a dark side?
    • how does history change the meaning of words?
    • does body language shape who you are?

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  3. Disruptive Leadership : TED Radio Hour : NPR

    • how do leaders deal with failure?
    • how do we cultivate women leaders?
    • can Grandmothers change the world?
    • have you changed someone’s life without realising it?
    • can ordinary people become leaders?

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  4. Simply Happy : TED Radio Hour : NPR

    • Is there a secret to happiness?
    • Are we happier when we stay in the moment?
    • What happens when we slow down?
    • Does less stuff mean more happiness?
    • How does misfortune affect long-term happiness?
    • What does it take to be grateful?

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  5. Episode 509: Will A Computer Decide Whether You Get Your Next Job? : Planet Money : NPR

    To hire new employees, some companies are paying less attention to resumes and more attention to data — and the data are leading to some surprising findings.

    On today’s show, we take a weird hiring test for a call-center job. And we hear what does (and doesn’t) predict success for everyone from call-center workers to software developers.

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  6. Bruce Sterling’s closing remarks from SXSW Interactive: who isn’t in the room? - Boing Boing

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  7. Old London Air Raid Shelter Becomes Vegetable Farm : The Salt : NPR

    In a former bomb shelter beneath London, Zero Carbon Food grows leafy greens and microgreens. Believe it or not, this dark, dank underground farm is an energy-efficient way to grow fresh produce.


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  8. Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 1 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Listen to our Pioneering Ideas podcast for perspective on the types of innovations the Pioneer team funds, from investigations into placebo studies to behavioral economics to a platform that puts health outcomes in patients’ hands.


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  9. Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 3 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Listen to episode 3 of our podcast to hear about the science of choosing, the radical power of empathy and using social entrepreneurship to address health challenges.


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  10. Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 2 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Hear from social scientist BJ Fogg, RWJF’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Thomas Goetz, a team with a vision for creating a social epidemic of safety, and other pioneers in health and health care.


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