Andrea Kuszewski: Learning Should Not Be Easy - #74

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  1. #74 Learning Should Not Be Easy with Andrea Kuszewski – Podcast

    Who said that learning should be easy? Not Andrea Kuszewski, a spirited researcher and science writer. On this episode of Bulletproof Radio Andrea even suggests that learning is painful and should perhaps be valued for its ability to make our

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  2. The Rick Smith Show » Blog Archive » Andrea Chalupa & Sarah Kendzior on Their Coming Out on Russia

    Andrea Chalupa & Sarah Kendzior on Their Coming Out on Russia

    March 29, 2017

    Andrea Chalupa, Journalist & Author, Orwell and The Refugees: The Untold Story of Animal Farm and Sarah Kendzior, political writer and commentator join Rick in the big coming out announcement to talk about what Americans need to know about Russia’s involvement in American elections and discuss how high the possible Russian blackmail scheme go in government leadership.


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  3. What’s the Frequency, Andrea? - The New Disruptors - Mule Radio Syndicate

    Andrea Seabrook spent more than a decade at National Public Radio, and covered Congress for a good part of that time. She left NPR to start something of her own: DecodeDC, a podcast and syndicated radio program (on this very network) that cuts through the blandification of politics, and speaks the unvarnished truth that gets lost in the interest of presenting supposedly balanced viewpoints. Andrea is fair, but she doesn’t shrink from cutting through layer after layer of spin, something that’s typically not possible in conventional broadcast media. We talk about the future of public radio and the joy of making your own decisions about what your audience wants to hear.

    Runtime: 33:50

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  4. Andrea Seabrook On Political Reporting And Her New Gig At Marketplace

    A couple years before all the cool kids started quitting NPR and launching podcasts, political reporter Andrea Seabrook quit NPR in 2012 and launched a podcast, "DecodeDC." She’s the OG of that particular trend. Seabrook left "DecodeDC" last summer after a successful run, and now she’s come back to public radio as the new Washington bureau chief for "Marketplace." On The Pub, she tells us how she’s going to do public radio political coverage differently this time around.

    Also, host Adam Ragusea reviews the NPR/"PBS NewsHour" collaboration on convention coverage. Unfortunately it seems as though TV and radio are like chocolate and vanilla — you can’t mix them without the former totally overpowering the latter.

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  5. Rechtsextremismus-Expertin Andrea Röpke - “Wir haben den rechten Terror”

    Andrea Röpke beschreibt in ihrem "Jahrbuch rechte Gewalt" verheerende rechtsextreme Tendenzen in Deutschland. Die Journalistin warnt vor einer Art Alltagsterror, der aber verglichen mit den islamistisch motivierten Anschlägen kaum Aufmerksamkeit erfahre.

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  6. Angriest Trainer 155: Andrea Anders and Staying The Course | Vinnie Tortorich

    Andrea Anders joins Vinnie and Anna in the studio to talk about NSNG, staying the course, high cholesterol, and how to become an Ultra Athlete.

    Andrea Anders before and after pics:

    Buy: An Intimate Life: Sex, Love, and My Journey as a Surrogate Partner

    Michael Tortorich‘s Angriest Trainer sidebar blog:

    Andrea Anders joins Vinnie and Anna once again. They chat about the stages of modifying eating habits. Later, Vinnie talks about the trends online with his book, Fitness Confidential. They also discuss ultra sports in this episode.

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  7. Andrea Diener - 2 nach 1 - Nordwestradio - Radio Bremen

    Ganz weit weg –"Ab vom Schuss" – da will eigentlich keiner sein. Doch Andrea Diener hat sich aufgemacht in Gegenden, wo sprichwörtlich der Pfeffer wächst. In ihrem Buch "Reisen in die Provinz" hat die Feuilleton-Redakteurin der FAZ Reportagen gesammelt aus den unspektakulären Landstrichen der Welt: aus China, Burundi, der Mongolei, dem westlichen Harz oder der Schweiz.

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