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  1. Episode 10: Jay Shaw

    Episode 10: Jay Shaw

    This month, The Poster Boys take a break by sitting down and having a chat with Mondo creative director Jay Shaw about the role of film art in the 21st century. Together they discuss some of Jay’s favorite posters and title sequences, as well as the differences between the work done by Mondo and traditional one-sheets. They also dive into the process behind getting challenging art out to the public and whether or not it has a place in advertising blockbuster films, and calose the episode out by opening the Flat File to compare key art from 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Also, Sam introduces a new segment!

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    Jay Shaw Mondo Bullitt title sequence Final Destination 5 title sequence

    Music selections: “Bass on Titles” opening theme, Hole In My Heart by Cyndi Lauper, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS original score by Denny Zeitlin.

    Follow Brandon Schaefer at @seekandspeak, and Sam Smith at @samsmyth.

    Special thanks to producer Adrian Cobb.

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