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  1. Paste Games Podcast Episode 0 :: Games :: Audio :: Paste

    We might be doing a podcast. Well, we did a podcast, but we might be doing more. Maybe. Here’s a trial episode, a test, a pilot, if you will, with our games editors Garrett Martin and Maddy Myers talking about E3 and Life is Strange and a few recent articles from Paste Games. This could be a thing that happens again in the future, or it could just be a one-off diversion that took way too much time to complete. We really can’t say at this point. Either way take a listen by using the little tech widget thing above. Wait, can we really call it a podcast if you can’t put it on your pods?


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  2. 33: Let’s Have No Scruples Together

    On this episode, our good friends Steve Lubitz and Karyl Gilbertson stop by

    to help us yell at possibly one of the dumbest things ever written about

    video games. It's definitely up there, we promise. 

    We also talk playing GTA with your toddler (yes, you read that right),

    reminisce about playing games ourselves that we maybe weren't ready for,

    discuss Jessica's appetite for mayhem and an exciting page in the history

    of Unconsoleable.

    Don't forget to review us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter or email us with

    any questions, comments or game ideas that we can steal ;-)


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