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  1. Random Trek | “Death Wish” (VOY) with Merlin Mann (Episode 55)

    Merlin Mann, writer, podcaster, Internet nuisance, joins Scott to discuss

    Death Wish ( VOY S2E18). This episode proves that the only thing better than one Q is double the Q. Scott and Merlin also discuss timescales when you’re immortal, and if this episode is a good choice for watching with your young daughter.

    Next on Random Trek: TNG’s Lessons.


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  2. 70Decibels - CMD+SPACE - 038 - Inbox Zero and New Projects, with Merlin Mann

    On a very special episode of CMD+SPACE Myke is joined by Merlin Mann to discuss Inbox Zero, starting New projects and a fun discussion about Adventure Time (as well as a little about comics, of course).

    Show Notes:

    • KFG: On Chasing the Right “Zero”

    • 43Folders

    • YLNT: Vachina

    • The Move

    • Cranking

    • The Merlin Show: John Roderick

    • The Thrilling Adventure Hour

    • Adventure Time

    • Invincible



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  3. Episode 20: Self Doubt with Merlin Mann — The Nudge

    How can we be sure that we’re on the right track? Doubt is the rust that eats away at our ability, as designers, to be confident that what we’re producing is good and worthwhile.

    In this episode Ross and Josh speak to professional speaking human Merlin Mann about overcoming or, perhaps, embracing self-doubt, to become better producers of quality work. Are we allowed to change our minds and how do we deal with the criticism that results from that?


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  4. Merlin Mann | SSKTN

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download (Duration: 1:43:05 — 47.7MB)

    | EmbedFor episode 20 I’m joined by Merlin Mann who likely needs little to no introduction if you’ve come this far.

    It would be hard to overstate how much of an influence Merlin Mann has had on my online escapades. From the way I blog on my weblog, toot on my Twitter or tumble on my tumblr. You get the idea. This was 5 parts therapy, 8 parts fun and 10 parts nervous, giddy laughter (on my part). A total of 23 parts. Or a “full Merlin” as I like to call it. So fun.

    Note: There’s plenty of nicer images of Merlin but I really dig Angry Merlin™.


    This episode was edited by professional podcast editor Aaron Dowd. Hire him to edit your podcast and sound awesome.

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  5. Kerning, Orgasms And Those Goddamned Japanese Toothpicks

    Freud popularised the term, “The Narcissism of Minor Differences”, to describe how adjacent villages—identical for all practical purposes—would struggle to amplify their tiniest distinctions in order to justify how much they despised one other. So you have to guess how much he would have enjoyed design mailing lists. And, Perl.

    Truth is, to the untrained (un-washed, un-nuanced, un-Paul-Rand’d, and un-Helvetica’d) outsider, discourse in the design community can sometimes look a lot like a cluster of tightly-wound Freudian villages.

    So, how is the role of design perceived by the people who are using the stuff you make? What role (if any) should users expect in the process of how their world is made and remade? What contexts might be useful in helping us turn all of our obsessions into useful and beautiful work?

    Can an Aeron chair ever be truly ‘Black’? Will there ever be a way to get Marketing people to stop calling typefaces ‘fonts’? And, when, at last, will the international community finally speak as one regarding the overuse of Mistral and stock photos of foreshortened Asian women?

    By leveraging his uniquely unqualified understanding of design, Merlin will propose some promising patterns for fording the gap between end-users and the unhappy-looking people in costly European eyeglasses who are designing their world.

    Is there hope? Come to Brighton, pull up a flawlessly-executed mid-century-Modern seating affordance, and we’ll see what we can figure out together. One village to another.


    Merlin Mann is best known as the creator of 43folders.com, a popular American website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work.

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