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  1. Roguelike Radio: Episode 96: Ultima Ratio Regum

    Topics discussed: The grand vision for Ultima Ratio Regum Procedural world generation on many scales, with many interlocking systems Mark’s history and the journey his game has taken during its development Environmental storytelling and procedural narrative Interacting with a vast world of immense detail, and the interface challenges that come with that Plans for more interactive content in 2015 Mark’s academic interests, his paper on the semiotics of roguelikes and his plan to move into game studies Roguelikes as mastery games, easing players in vs interesting challenge, and secrets vs Nethack-y silly spoilers Massive roguelikes in the past - the good, the bad and the ugly. Why does Mark thing he’ll buck the negative trend? Why are people so drawn to these supermassive roguelikes? The new focus of URR and how restricted scope can lead to better games The future… Burn the tablets!! Read Mark’s blog, follow him on Twitter, download URR and donate to support!

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