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  1. Max Aita: A Squatting Life - Juggernaut

    Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with athlete and coach, Max Aita, to get some insight into his unique perspective on squat every day training. Max squatted, almost always to a daily max, every day from 1999 to 2012. These 13 years of squatting pushed Max to a best front squat of 273kg/602# at 94kg/207# bodyweight. Max’s life of squatting was spent primarily under 2 coaches, Steve Gough aka “The American Butcher” and father of Olympian and former American Record Holder Tom Gough and then under the legendary Ivan Abadjiev, former Bulgarian National Coach and the man most associated with daily max squatting principles.

    Unfortunately, a severe wrist injury ended Max’s weightlifting career but he has since gone on to an impressive powerlifting career including a 335kg/738# squat at 100kg/220# bodyweight and is the owner of Max’s Gym in Oakland, CA where he most notably coaches Charis Chan (American Record Snatch in 53kg Class) and Kristy Hawkins (Squat, Deadlift and Total World Record in 165# class).

    Enjoy this in-depth interview with Max as we discuss his athletic background, some crazy stories of training with Bulgarian champions and how his background in the Bulgarian System has impacted his coaching today for powerlifting and weightlifting.

    You can also check this interview out as part of The JuggLife Podcast:

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  2. Roguelike Radio: Episode 96: Ultima Ratio Regum

    Topics discussed: The grand vision for Ultima Ratio Regum Procedural world generation on many scales, with many interlocking systems Mark's history and the journey his game has taken during its development Environmental storytelling and procedural narrative Interacting with a vast world of immense detail, and the interface challenges that come with that Plans for more interactive content in 2015 Mark's academic interests, his paper on the semiotics of roguelikes and his plan to move into game studies Roguelikes as mastery games, easing players in vs interesting challenge, and secrets vs Nethack-y silly spoilers Massive roguelikes in the past - the good, the bad and the ugly. Why does Mark thing he'll buck the negative trend? Why are people so drawn to these supermassive roguelikes? The new focus of URR and how restricted scope can lead to better games The future… Burn the tablets!! Read Mark's blog, follow him on Twitter, download URR and donate to support!

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  3. The Incomparable | Stop Circulating the Tapes (Episode 226)

    It’s the holiday season, when it’s time to consider what’s truly important. We spend time with family and friends and maybe even reserve a few moments to ponder some of life’s mysteries: Is Bea Arthur really Boba Fett? Does Han Solo have a secret Wookie bride? What is Tobor spelled backward? And does C-3PO have eyelids?


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  4. Episode 57: Interview with Mike Tuchscherer | All Things Strength & Wellness

    This episodes guest is Mike Tuchscherer.Mike is the owner and head coach at Reactive Training Systems. Mike was the first man from USA powerlifting the win a gold medal at the world games. He has coached over a dozen competitors at the world championships, a score of national champions, and multiple world record holders.On the episode Mike and I discussed:- Mike's background

    • Mike's Influence's

    • Problems Mike sees with some Powerlifting Templates

    • Auto-Regulation

    • Designing a Raw Powerlifting ProgramsHope you guys enjoy the show.Stay Strong,RB

      Listen Now:


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  5. SASu - EP138 - Mark Bell of Super Training Gym

    Former pro-wrestler, powerlifter, and owner of Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA, Mark Bell joins Steve. He speaks candidly about his own steroid use, his brother pro-wrestler Mike "Mad Dog" Bell's death, the "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" documentary, and how he got into powerlifting. Plus, Mark and Steve share plenty of nutrition, workout, and lifting tips!

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  6. Greg Nuckols: Strength Coach, Author, and Elite Drug-Free Powerlifter


    We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the World’s elite powerlifters, Greg Nuckols. 

    Greg provided us with some differences between bodybuilding and powerlifting in terms of exercise and nutrition.  Can we learn anything from these different subcultures that could help either of us further our understanding of putting on size – whether it be for sculpting or strength?  Listen to Greg explain.

    Email: nuckols.greg@gmail.comWebsite: gregnuckols.com Juggernaut stuff: jtsstrength.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/gregory.nuckols


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