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  1. Bagcam - How Did TSA and/or the Airlines Manage to Do That to Your Luggage?

    Ever wonder exactly how TSA or the airlines managed to destroy your luggage or what security measures are actually in place once your checked luggage disappears from view? After having yet another bag destroyed while flying several months ago, algormor decided to build Bagcam to find out what happens once the airlines have control of your luggage. Bagcam is a small suitcase containing a mini-DVR and pinhole camera. This presentation will cover the construction of Bagcam, potential future enhancements to Bagcam, and issues to consider should you decide to build your own Bagcam. In addition, various security measures currently in place for commercial passenger flights and the efficacy of these measures will be discussed. Finally, select footage will be presented from flights through Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport (DCA); Ted Stevens Airport in Anchorage, AK (ANC); Sky Harbor in Phoenix, AZ (PHX); Chicago‚Äôs O’Hare (ORD); and other airports.

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  2. Evil Interfaces: Violating the User

    In a perfect world, interfaces help users accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. However, in the real world, interfaces are often designed to manipulate users into behaving according to the designer’s calculated and suspect intent. Malicious interfaces abound on the web - employing trickery, misdirection of browsing, forced viewing of advertisements, and even animations designed to trigger epileptic seizures. Evil interfaces are seen virtually anywhere profit is at stake, from desktop applications and websites to gas pumps and toothpaste dispensers. This talk explores malicious interface techniques both on and off the desktop, and aims to energize the audience to pursue positive solutions. You’ll leave with a better awareness and understanding of the problem, increased resistance to attack and ideas for generating solutions.

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  3. How to Talk to the Mainstream Media

    Why bother with the mainstream media? Because that’s where the audience is. Only a tiny percentage of blogs have sizable audiences and even the biggest of those are dwarfed by the audiences for TV news or the circulations of the larger dead-tree newspapers and magazines. Even online, websites run by mainstream media organizations are major players. If you’re interested in getting your point across to as many people as possible, this talk will improve your chances by telling you what professional journalists want and why, how you can help give it to them, and what pitfalls to avoid. Also: how to become a TV pundit!

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  4. Social Engineering

    In a tradition that began at the very first HOPE conference, the art of social engineering will be discussed and demonstrated against random hapless victims over the telephone live for your entertainment.

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