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  1. Tech Weekly Podcast: Google TV, the future of apps | Technology |

    Series: Tech Weekly Previous | Index Tech Weekly with Aleks Krotoski Tech Weekly Podcast: Google TV, the future of apps

    Google and Sony launch push into smart TV, plus apps market Getjar and Microsoft’s mobile strategy with Windows 8 Presented by Charles Arthur and produced by Jason Phipps, with Stuart Dredge and Dan Catt, Tuesday 26 June 2012 17.38 BST In this week’s edition of Tech Weekly presented by Charles Arthur, we look at the Google/Sony smart TV launch. Plus, Charles meets Ilja Laurs, the founder of, an apps market that is taking on Apple and Google. Ilja discusses his company and the future of virtual currencies and app markets. Charles is also joined by Guardian mobile and apps writer Stuart Dredge and Guardian programmer Dan Catt to discuss the launch of Microsoft’s tablet and mobile strategy with Windows 8, as well as discussing Le Web 2012 which took place recently in London.

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  2. A Conversation with Bill Gates Hosted by Eric Horvitz

    Microsoft Research director, Eric Horvitz, chats with Bill Gates about the future of work.

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  3. Aleks Krotoski talks to Andrew Lewman on Tor and anonymity online | Technology |

    In the second of our anonymous double-bill interviews, Aleks Krotoski talks to Andrew Lewman, executive director of the Tor software project.

    Tor is an encryption software, known as "onion routing", that allows people to browse online anonymously, hiding their location and avoiding traffic analytics associated with their online activity.

    The software began as a project sponsored by the US naval research laboratory but is now run as a not-for-profit business that offers the software free of charge online.

    Aleks and Andrew discuss the role of Tor and its wish to create an anonymous space online. They also talk about the growing trend for companies to collate and monitor your online activity in order to build up a profile of you for monetary gain.

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  4. Tech Weekly: Spotify’s MD interviewed, a trip to Microsoft’s research centre

    This week Jemima speaks with music wunderkinds Spotify to find out how they managed to woo the music industry into giving them hundreds of thousands of tracks for people to share amongst themselves.

    Also, Charles heads to Cambridge to meet the man behind the Microsoft research centre to find out what interesting projects they’re working on, and the importance of research in a downturn.

    We’ve also got quite a haul of feedback from you all - particularly about Bobbie’s choice of sleepwear - and we’ll be delving into the greatest inventions that came from the hackers at last weekend’s Yahoo Hack Day.


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  5. BEEPLE - Interview by Motion Plus Design | FIGHTING FOR MOTION DESIGN ART!

    Motion Plus Design is promoting the explosive art of motion design across the world by creating international events and sharing its best resources. With now yearly editions in Los Angeles, Paris & Tokyo, Motion Plus Design is spreading over the world in 15 cities from Rio to Istanbul, New Delhi to Seoul. #motionplusdesign #motiondesign #motiondesigners #motiongraphics #motionart #motionartists

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  6. Program synthesis and the art of programming by intent with Dr. Sumit Gulwani - Microsoft Research

    Episode 99 | November 20, 2019 - Dr. Sumit Gulwani is a programmer’s programmer. Literally. A Partner Research Manager in the Program Synthesis, or PROSE, group at Microsoft Research, Dr. Gulwani is a leading researcher in program synthesis and the inventor of many intent-understanding, programming-by-example and programming-by-natural language technologies – aka, the automation of “what I meant to do and wanted to do, but my computer wouldn’t let me” tasks. Today, Dr. Gulwani gives us an overview of the exciting “now” and promising future of program synthesis; reveals some fascinating new applications and technical advances; tells us the story behind the creation of Excel’s popular Flash Fill feature (and how a Flash Fill Fail elicited a viral tweet that paved the way for new domain investments); and shares a heartwarming story of how human empathy facilitated an “ah-ha math moment” in the life of a child, and what that might mean to computer scientists, educators, and even tech companies in the future.

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