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  1. “Just Run” Is Terrible Self Defense Advice | Running Away is Not The Answer

    New Podcast LIVE every Wednesday at 9pm EST Icy Mike: Imperfect On the Podbean app: https://icymike.podbean.com/ Basic Sprint Workout, Timer not required First round just jog, then on each subsequent round sprint each distance, walk back, then immediately go to the next one when you get back to the starting point.

    10m 20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 70m 80m 90m 100m

    If you can’t measure distance, it doesn’t really matter. Put a marker down every 20 steps, that’s close enough.

    Do 3 rounds at first, then after a couple weeks four, then five.

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  2. How to Be A Good Ancestor with Roman Krznaric, Kate Raworth and Brian Eno

    Roman’s book, ‘The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long Term in a Short-Term World’ is available here: http://bit.ly/The_Good_Ancestor

    Join three of our leading public thinkers for an exploration of one of the most vital questions of the 21st century: How can we be good ancestors?

    We live in the age of the tyranny of the now: politicians can barely see past the next election or businesses past the next quarterly report, and we are addicted to the latest tweet and the ‘buy now’ button. How can we overcome this frenetic short-termism and extend our time horizons to tackle long-term challenges from the climate crisis to threats from artificial intelligence and genetically engineered pandemics?

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  3. Microsoft Flight Simulator - Pre-Order Launch Trailer

    The sky is calling in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Available August 18, 2020.

    Travel the world and experience over 2 million cities and expansive environments from mountains down to roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic, and more. From light planes to wide-body jets, test your piloting skills and experience the challenges of night flying, real-time atmospheric simulation and live weather in a dynamic and living world.

    Pre-Order on Windows 10 or Pre-Install with Xbox Game Pass for PC Now.


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  4. Hasty Treat - A Month On Firefox

    In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about a month of using Firefox — what they liked, what they didn’t, and whether or not they’ll keep using it. LogRocket - Sponsor

    LogRocket lets you replay what users do on your site, helping you reproduce bugs and fix issues faster. It’s an exception tracker, a session re-player and a performance monitor. Get 14 days free at logrocket.com/syntax. Show Notes

    3:42 - Dev tools are really good

    19:16 - Browsing experience

    22:40 - Setup and switchover tips

    26:45 - What we didn’t like

    29:57 - Will we stay?

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  5. Consumption Efficiency & Waste Reduction via Blockchain Technology w/ Vinay Gupta, Founder & CEO of Mattereum

    Consumption Efficiency & Waste Reduction via Blockchain Technology w/ Vinay Gupta, Founder & CEO of Mattereum

    Vinay Gupta, one of the most well-known blockchain minds, discusses how blockchain technology can be used to tackle climate change. We dive deep into his company - Mattereum - which aims to achieve consumption efficiency by assigning digital identities to the world’s physical goods. Episode Notes

    Today’s You’ve Been Warmed episode features Vinay Gupta - Founder & CEO of Mattereum - a blockchain startup that creates digital identities for the world’s physical goods.

    Vinay is also really well known for his humanitarian efforts - he created the ‘hexayurt’ structure which is a great option for providing refugees with shelter and scaling humanitarian response, he has worked extensively with the Rocky Mountain Institute and was also the release coordinator for the Ethereum project - the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap in the world, after Bitcoin.

    I have to say Vinay is one of the most intelligent and well-spoken people you could probably meet and I have been following him closely since my early days in the crypto space.

    In this episode, we addressed the main issue that Mattereum aims to address - making consumption more efficient. For those who are not aware of the specifics of blockchain, Vinay made a great summary that explains the value of the technology and why it’s needed moving forward. We also discussed how the world could manage carbon emissions with blockchain technology and the current vs future emissions of blockchains.

    Finally, we dove into Mattereum - how they aim to create a digital identity for the world’s physical goods, what this means in practical terms, what new use-cases and consumption efficiencies this will generate and how it will ultimately lead to a world with much less waste.

    Vinay is a visionary and has both an interesting past & a encouraging vision for the future. Highly recommend listening to this until the end. Let’s get into it.

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