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  1. S2 04 | Uh oh – it’s impostor syndrome - The Pineapple Project - ABC Radio

    Tina Fey has it. TV journalist Leigh Sales too. That creeping feeling you’re not quite good enough at your job, and that EVERYONE is about to find out. Impostor syndrome. What a prick(ly situation). It doesn’t matter how competent or how experienced you are, that nasty little voice can strike at any time. Claire Hooper’s determined to find out how to deal with it.

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  2. CodeNewbie

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    Software Engineer Alicia Liu has thought a lot about Impostor Syndrome. In fact, she’s written three blog posts, one each year for the past three years, that have illustrated her own relationship with the term and its relevance in the tech community. We dissect those three blog posts and discuss the role of Impostor Syndrome in different parts of a programmer’s journey.

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    You don’t have Impostor Syndrome

    Impostor Syndrome Is Not Just a Confidence Problem

    Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Promocode CODEWEEK for first week free

    Vanessa Hurst


    Quirks Mode

    A List Apart

    Unlocking the Clubhouse


    Chiu-Ki (creator of Technically Speaking) (Alicia)

    Cate (creator of Technically Speaking) (Alicia)

    Technically Speaking newsletter (Alicia)

    Coding Coaches on (Alicia)

    The Impostor Syndrome (TEDx Talk) (Saron)

    Feel like a fraud? by the American Psychological Association (Saron)



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  3. 21—Creativity, banishing inner critics, impostor syndrome, and systemic racism (ft Denise Jacobs) – Finding Our Way

    In which Peter and Jesse talk to creativity consultant and author (and former front-end developer!) Denise Jacobs about just what is creativity, how to maintain being creative as a leader, banishing your inner critic, taking charge in how you get feedback, and how impostor syndrome is probably a means of keeping historically disadvantaged groups down.

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  4. Experienced Developers and Impostor Syndrome | Developer Tea

    In today’s episode, I talk about impostor syndrome, specifically as it relates to the experienced developer.

    Today’s episode is sponsored by Linode! Head over to or use the code DeveloperTea20 at checkout for a $20 credit towards your cloud hosting account! Thanks again to Linode for your support of Developer Tea.

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  5. RailsConf 2014 - You are Not an Impostor by Nickolas Means

    Despite the attention that impostor syndrome has gotten in the Ruby community recently, so many amazing developers still hide in fear of being discovered as frauds. These developers chalk their achievements up to everything except their own talent and don’t believe they deserve their success. I know, because I’ve struggled with impostor syndrome my whole career. In this talk, I’ll show you what makes impostor syndrome so powerful and how you can break free from the grip it has on your life.

    Nickolas Means is a software engineer at WellMatch Health and spends his days remote pairing from Austin, TX. He’s an advocate for all things pairing, and thinks vulnerability and egolessness are the two most important virtues in software development.

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