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  1. The Tim Ferriss Podcast, Ep 15: Neil Strauss, Author of The Game | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

    Listen on iTunes, download (right click and "save as"), or stream it in the below player now: This episode is brought to you by…you guys. To help keep this podcast going, please check out the Tim Ferriss Book Club, where, every 1-2 months, I highlight one book that's changed my life.


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  2. Impostor or Student? | The Weekly Briefly

    On this week’s show I talk a bit about the subject of impostor syndrome and how it can hinder us from feeling free to share our work and help others.

    Sponsored by:

    Daylite: A productivity and customer relationship management app that keeps everything related to your business in one place.

    The awesome members of shawnblanc.net: Their support makes the work I do a sustainable possibility.

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 24:21 — 16.8MB)


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  3. 43f Podcast: John Gruber & Merlin Mann's Blogging Panel at SxSW | 43 Folders

    SxSW ’09 - Gruber & Mann - HOWTO: 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility! (audio mp3, free on iTunes) My pal, John Gruber (from daringfireball.net), and I presented a talk at South by Southwest Interactive on Saturday,


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  4. Nerdist Podcast #22: Craig Ferguson Live @ Largo! « Nerdist

    […] Anyway, in watching Singled Out, I developed a major crush on Chris Hardwick, who you may know as the poor man’s Joel McHale. So you can imagine my delight to discover he was a website now, that is specifically for the nerdy set. And they do podcasts. Including one with Adam Savage (of Mythbusters), one with Alison Brie (of Community), and one with the one, the only, the future signer of my underwear, Craig Ferguson. It’s two hours long and awesome, and you can stream it. […]


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