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  1. Friends in Your Ears | Matthew Cassinelli and Merlin Mann (Episode 22)

    This week, Matthew Cassinelli and Merlin Mann join Kathy to talk about being vulnerable, the Little Worlds of podcasting, traffic, MLMs, cleaning up with sparking joy and oh yeah, their favorite podcasts too. Plus, the bonus question this week will make you want to contact your local toy stores.

    Theme Music by Christopher and Adelaide Breen.


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  2. The Incomparable | Tony Stark Wants the Credit (Episode 141)

    Put on your high-tech suit of armor and join us for our discussion of “Iron Man 3.” We talk about Tony’s post-traumatic stress, his problematic relationship with technology, and his questionable choice to use remote armor to give a present to his girlfriend. We also discuss the pros and cons of the first two Iron Man movies, analyze how this film fits in as a post-“Avengers” story, and appreciate Tony’s MacGyver moment.


    —Huffduffed by jamesenloe

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