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  1. Agile and User Experience Design

    Agile developers and UX designers have a lot more in common than you might think. We’ll show that both agile design and development work best when they integrate and when users are put at the center of the process. We’ll focus on what works and what doesn’t. Much of this presentation will build off of a national research study on design and development practices as well as case studies from Adaptive Path project teams.

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  2. Experience Strategies | Jesse James Garrett

    Recorded 2007-02-12: Understanding the psychology behind how users relate to a product is the key to its lasting success. Users tend to anthropomorphize, or ascribe human personality traits to products they use. Products with long-term success have developers who recognize the identity and personality of the product they want to convey. They create integrity with the product and how their users will interact with it.

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  3. User experience and design

    When designing a website or product for the web, a game or interactive application it’s very easy to think about your needs and not those of your users. In this episode we look at user focused design or how to make sure that what you build really works for the people you are making it for. Simon Smith and guests offer some practical advice on using user centred design techiques.


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  4. User Experience Best Practices

    Nick will explore the best practices of user experience by reviewing some of the most popular and highly trafficked websites today such as eBay, Amazon, Toyota, Flickr, Twitter, Netflix and more. Nick will identify and explain both good an bad experiences on these sites on the merits of visual design, information architecture, interaction, and ease of use. If there is time we will open the floor for audience submissions and to provide quick feedback and areas of improvement.

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