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  1. The DCR Podcast with TRS Triathlon | DC Rainmaker

    The DC Rainmaker Podcast has arrived!

    The DCR podcast is produced weekly in conjunction with TRS Radio, and features all my latest thoughts on a wide variety of topics. The way it works is that we actually take your voicemails on any topic you want. Be it trying to find the right trainer, or wanting to know what I think about the latest Ironman policy shift. It’s a potpourri of my noggin, served up in 30 minute episodes each Monday.

    You’ve got two options for listening:

    A) Following along via Soundcloud using the widget below

    B) Subscribe via iTunes and their podcast center (COMING SOON, JUST PENDING APPROVAL!)

    Of course, you an always just check back here too – via the below widget, which shows you the latest episodes and any back episodes.  Additionally, I’ll loop them into each week’s ‘Week in Review’ post on the weekends.  But of course, you don’t want to wait a full 5 days just for that, do you?

    Listen here!

    Again, the goal is to keep them nice and short – under 30 minutes.  Making them easy to consume on the commute to work.

    Ask your questions!

    Finally, don’t forget to leave your voice mails!  We round them all up each week and dive into pretty much anything that you throw at the wall.  Just use the widget below to get going.  Oh, and I don’t actually hear the questions until they are read on the air.  It keeps it a bit more fun that way!

    So with that – go forth and get your questions in!

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