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  1. Jamie Cullum with Medeski, Martin and Wood backstage at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival

    I've been a superfan of the band Medeski, Martin and Wood for almost as long I've been a musician. In almost every song I've ever made I try to inject a bit of MMW - the breakdown in Mixtape, Love for $ale, the If I ruled the world and Pure Imagination grooves - they are a constant source of inspiration to me. If you haven't checked out their music before then start NOW!

    At this years Cheltenham Jazz Festival I managed to get them to come over from the states and play a gig. They flew over specifically for the show. They are having a year off in 2015 - they have been playing together for 25 years - so this was literally one of the only gigs they were going to play this year at all. I met them in the dressing room, and we set about having a little rehearsal. John Medeski playing a melodica, Billy Martin playing a pandeiro (a Brazilian tambourine) and Chris Wood on the double bass. It was our only chance to rehearse. We discussed some song ideas and we set about learning them. Minutes later we were performing them on stage. I recorded it for myself but thought I should share this wonderful moment with you all!

    Enjoy watching my face have a permanently 'I can't believe this' vibe about it.

    Enjoy this table concert/rehearsal!


    http://www.jamiecullum.com http://www.facebook.com/JamieCullum http://www.twitter.com/JamieCullum http://instagram.com/JamieCullum

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsQPu5In6D8
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  2. Special 2: The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann

    Special 2: The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann June 12, 2015 In August 2012, Brett interviewed Merlin Mann on the now-legendary 6th episode of Systematic. Thus was a trilogy born. From processes to pills and apps to naps, one of Systematic's signature returning-guest series was born.

    Using the latest in bleeding-edge digital technology, we have restored these episodes to the original creative vision that was literally, figuratively, and metaphysically impossible at the time.

    We've gone all the way back to the original masters, removing and modifying content (ads) that distracts from the auteur's intent. What results is a bespoke, artisanally created Special Edition product unlike any in the crowded Merlin Mann Podcast market today.

    This presentation of The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann includes bonus, never-before-heard, ultra-exclusive deleted content, presented in the most ridiculous and semi-obtrusive way possible that does not involve a Blu-ray player.

    Special Thanks to George Lucas, the Fair Use Clause, The United States of America, and The Merlin Mann Trust.

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  3. John Scofield - Full Concert - 08/14/93 - Newport Jazz Festival (OFFICIAL)

    John Scofield - Full Concert Recorded Live: 8/14/1993 - Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI)

    More John Scofield at Music Vault: http://www.musicvault.com Subscribe to Music Vault: http://goo.gl/DUzpUF

    Setlist: 0:00:00 - Little Walk 0:10:07 - Camp Out 0:18:53 - Meant To Be 0:29:25 - What They Did 0:38:08 - Easy For You 0:44:30 - Chariots

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMqJEXLELZw
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