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  1. My Message to Millenials: How to Change the World — Properly

    Young people want, rightly, to change the world. But how might this be properly done? Dr Jonathan Haidt recently contrasted Truth University with Social Justice University. Social Justice U has as its advantage the call to social transformation. In this video, I outline why Truth is the proper route to societal improvement — and why that starts with the individual.

    Free Future Authoring Code Expires December 7th, 2016

    Link to Jonathan Haidt’s article on Truth U vs Social Justice U: http://heterodoxacademy.org/2016/10/21/one-telos-truth-or-social-justice/ Link to http://www.selfauthoring.com/future-authoring.html Link to reading list: http://jordanbpeterson.com/2016/11/maps-of-meaning-intro/ Link to paper on Future Authoring: http://www.palgrave-journals.com/articles/palcomms201514

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  2. Interview: Scott Forstall and Original iPhone Innovators @ Computer History Museum

    Museum Historian John Markoff moderates a discussion with former iPhone team members Hugo Fiennes, Nitin Ganatra and Scott Herz, followed by a conversation with Scott Forstall.

    The Scott Forstall part begins at 1:07:00.

    © Computer History Museum

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjR2vegUBAo
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