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  1. The Big Web Show #176: Intrinsic Web Design with Jen Simmons

    Jen Simmons—Designer Advocate at Mozilla, creator of Firefox Grid Inspector, host of Layout Land and The Web Ahead, member of the CSS Working Group, coiner of Intrinsic Web Design, and general force of nature—is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest.


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  2. Adactio: Articles—A

    The opening keynote from the inaugural HTML Special held before CSS Day 2016 in Amsterdam.


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  3. Unfinished Business 116 - A million Euros to Ireland

    Rachel loves to talk about VAT (irony) so we do that and she explains why she doesn’t actually owe a million Euros to Ireland.


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  4. CSS as a Service

    Community and conferences for the designers and developers of the web, mobile, and Internet of Things.


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  5. PayPal — Responsive Web Design

    Bill Scott and Mausami Dave-Shah from PayPal implemented a lean development methodology, which treats responsive web design as the foundation for their products in 203 countries.


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  6. 5by5 | In Beta #101: You Are Likely to be Eaten by a DIV

    Eitan Isaacson talks accessibility on mobile and in Firefox OS, and explains new standards and existing accessibility tools.


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  7. 048: With Jen Simmons - ShopTalk



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  8. THE BRITISH TECH NETWORK - » UX: Orange is better



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  9. Karen McGrane on Web Strategy

    5by5 - The Web Ahead #6: Karen McGrane on Web Strategy


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  10. RNIB sues BMIbaby

    RNIB is taking legal action over low cost airline bmibaby’s failure to ensure web access for blind and partially sighted customers.


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