The 1Password Show: 001 – Introductions & 1Password 4 for iOS

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  1. Create Awesome Software – with Dave Teare, Founder of AgileBits | The ProGuide

    This week we talk to founder of AgileBits software, and co-creator of 1Password, Dave Teare. 1Password is the handy little tool that helps speed your productivity in a big way. We talk 1Password features, AgileBits‘ company culture, what personally inspires Dave, and where the company’s headed in the coming months.

    Key Points: What is 1Password & How does it work? How do Dave and the team decide what features to add? What personally inspires Dave and the AgileBits team? How can we take the leap to start our own software company?


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  2. Episode 54: Interview with Matt Davey, COO at 1Password

    As COO at 1Password, Matt Davey talks about eschewing perfectionism, being an empathy-led business, why it’s important that everybody in the company does customer support (even with 220+ employees!), and what exactly has helped them maintain their “organizational soul.” Have you been enjoying these Heartbeat episodes, lately? If so, it’d mean the world to me if… Read the full article

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  3. Iterate 5: 1Password

    Marc, Seth, and Rene iterate through the Grid UI, Adobe’s new Muse, ellipses in app names, exporting hundreds of images, and new Foursquare and LinkedIn Looks, and talk with Dan V. Peterson of 1Password maker AgileBits. This is Iterate!

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