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  1. FLOSS Weekly 193 - Pinax

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb

    We talk about Pinax, a web framework that gives you building blocks for your websites.

    Guest: James Tauber

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  2. FLOSS Weekly 191 - Salt

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps

    We talk about Salt, the remote execution engine that allows you to run the same command on multiple machines.

    Guest: Thomas S. Hatch

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  3. FLOSS Weekly 169: Jenkins

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps

    Jenkins, the continuous integration server that tests your software, builds it and packages it up.

    Guest: Kohsuke Kawaguchi .

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  4. FLOSS Weekly 118: Gerrit

    Host: Randal Schwartz and Randi Harper.

    Shawn Pearce joins FLOSS Weekly to talk about Git, Gerrit, code review tools, and more.

    Guest: Shawn Pearce.

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