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  1. FLOSS Weekly 193 - Pinax

    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb

    We talk about Pinax, a web framework that gives you building blocks for your websites.

    Guest: James Tauber

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  2. The Django Story

    The story of Django; where it came from and how a local newspaper in Kansas ended up running a successful open-source project.

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  3. Cross-pollination: tricks Rails users can learn from Django

    Simon Willison discusses at the European RailsConf 2006 some tricks Rails users can learn from Django

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  4. Discussion with Harper Reed

    A discussion with Harper Reed, CTO of Threadless.com and the creator of the Google App Engine/Django powered Excla.im jabber bot for Twitter messaging.

    Exla.im is a somewhat new project for Reed. He took the opportunity, thanks to pressure from his peers, to give Django a try and as you’ll tell when listening – he absolutely loves it. Excla.im runs on Google App Engine and employs the google-app-engine-django to ease the process of creating a Django project to run on the Google App Engine.

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  5. FLOSS Weekly 34: Django

    The Python-based Web framework designed to enable rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

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